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Train As Many Students As You Want

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Easily Keep Track Of Student Records

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"Loved the hands-on demos on Pet Safety Dog Kona and Pet Safety Cat Casey as well as the instruction that teaches the latest protocols in pet first aid and CPR.”  

- Rita Pirrotta

“As a veterinarian, I see the value of this pet first aid/CPR instructor program because it teaches you how to stabilize injured pets and transport them safely to the nearest veterinary clinic. The training is very practical.”

-Dr. Lisa Lippman, DVM

"The course provides the needed insight to remove the "shock and fear" in reacting to an event and replaces the shock and fear with knowledge."

-Ronald Costello

The logos below are of organizations that give continuing education units (CEU's) for our course.

2-Day Training Course Price: $1,197 effective July 1, 2019. (Introductory Rate of $997 expires June 30, 2019 so sign up for an upcoming class today!)

Key Points About the Pro Pet Hero Instructor Program:

  • Our comprehensive, veterinarian-approved ProPetHero Pet First Aid/CPR Instructor Program is recognized by a growing list of pet professional organizations that offer their members CEUs for completing our program.
  • Our Pro Pet Hero Pet First Aid/CPR course is taught by Arden Moore, America’s Pet Health and Safety Coach. Internationally recognized as a leader in pet health, safety and behavior, Moore is a master certified instructor, author of more than two dozen dog and cat books and an in-demand speaker in the pet industry. In her instructor classes, she teams up with Pet Safety Dog Kona and Pet Safety Cat Casey to give students real-life experience in dealing with injured pets.
  • You will learn the latest pet first aid protocols in this instructor program through hands-on demonstrations and tips from leading veterinarians. We also give you tips on how to be effective teachers as well as market and promote your classes in your community.
  • The two-day instructor training class meets from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST each day.
  • This two-day instructor training class is affordable because it is taught via video, interactive technology. You and other instructor candidates from all over North America can communicate with each other and Instructor Arden Moore from the comforts of your home or office. There is no need to travel. You do not have to book a hotel room or incur other travel-related expenses. Upon graduation, you will have access to links of the recorded two-day program to review at any time. 
  • The instructor program fee covers the cost of pet first aid supplies, teaching materials plus 6 demo dogs shipped to you – a value of more than $200! 
  • Our low monthly membership fee maintains your status as an active Pro Pet Hero Instructor and covers ongoing education and administrative support. This monthly membership will also eliminate the need for you to recertify as an instructor every two or three years – a major money and time-saving opportunity!
  • Monthly membership rates are based on how many students you teach each year: $19 per month for up to 50 students, $39.95 per month for teaching between 51 and 100 students and $59.95 per month if you teach more than 100 students in a year. 
  • We encourage you to include your well-mannered dog and/or cat with you during the training program to practice hands-on skills we will teach you.
  • Please note that registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis for each of our two-day training programs. Upon completion, you will earn your PPH instructor certificate and will be ready to teach in-person classes.  

To register click on the set of dates for which you would like to enroll.  

Class Dates Available for 2019: June 27-28 FULL July 9-10 *July 27-28 - weekend dates Aug 13-14 Sept 10-11 *Sep 21-22 - weekend dates Oct 8-9 Oct 23-24 Nov 12-13 *Dec 7-8 - weekend dates  

More Details About the Pro Pet Hero Instructor Program:

Registration Requirements: The deadline to register is at least 20 days prior to the start of class so we can have time to ship your teaching materials. You will receive access to our online ProPetHero course as part of your instructor course registration, access will be given after payment is received. If you have already taken the online course, we will reduce that cost from your payment due for the instructor course. This class is under 2 hours and a prerequisite to your instructor course. 

Supplies: Once you register, supplies will be shipped to the address you provide. Expect shipment within 30 days from the date of your class. You will receive:  

  • Plush demo dogs - 6
  • Pet first aid kit -1
  • Teaching materials (Powerpoint, downloadable manuals, etc.)
  • Gauze rolls - 15
  • Gauze pads - 45
  • Triangle bandages or bandanas - 12
  • Tongue depressors - 12
  • Popsicle sticks - 12
  • Petroleum jelly - 2  

The deadline to register is at least 20 days prior to the start of class so we can have time to ship your teaching materials.  

To register:

  • Click on the set of dates that works best for you. Each training class is limited to six candidates.
  • Fill out the registration form online making certain to provide your shipping address please. We need this to send you your training supplies.
  • Once registration is received, we will add the course to your account shopping cart and you may pay online. Receipt of payment guarantees your place in this class.  

After You Graduate: Once you complete the instructor training program, you will have access to our robust learning management system. You will be able to:

* Generate URLs for easy student registration * Create classes * Organize student rosters * Generate student certificates 

* Receive support from your master instructor plus our full-time team of instructor support staff - all covered by your monthly membership fee that is based on how many students you teach each year.

To maintain your valid instructor certification, you must teach at least one class per year as maintain your monthly membership. Canceling your subscription or failing to teach at least one class per year will result in the need to retake the instructor course at a rate minus the cost of the supplies provided in your initial instructor course. 

Refund Policy: You may cancel and reschedule to attend another class within 6 months from your original registered class date to avoid a fee.  

You may cancel prior to 2 weeks (14 days) from the first date of class and receive a full refund.  

If a cancelation is made less than 2 weeks (14 days) but more than 1 week (7 days) from the first date of class then a $200 fee will be imposed, the remaining payment will be refunded provided supplies have not been shipped. If supplies have been shipped to you the refund will be withheld for 30 days, an additional $350 will be charged to cover the costs of goods shipped. If supplies are returned within 30 days of the cancelation date, only a $200 fee will be imposed, the rest will be refunded.  

Cancelations made in less than 1 week (7 days) from the first date of class will not receive a refund.  

Cancelations must be made via email.

To Maintain Your Status as a Certified Instructor: *Take the 2-day instructor course *Join the closed Pro Pet Hero Instructor Facebook page *Add your credit card to begin your monthly membership ($19 per month until you teach 50 students. It increases to $39.95 per month if you teach between 51 and 100 students per year and $59.95 per month if you teach more than 100 students per year.) 

* The monthly membership fee covers ongoing education, access to the most current power point, ZOOM link of the latest 2-day instructor program for review, marketing and educational materials. It also provides an easy platform to zip off certificates to students once they complete your course. * In lieu of requiring instructors every two years to take another course to stay certified, the monthly fee covers the latest teaching protocols to save our instructors time and money.  


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